Dalong Ye-Lee

Fresh & Chips PhotoGraphy 


I am Dalong Ye-Lee, a photographer and mechanical engineer from Auckland. I played with my parent's family cameras since the age of five and bought my first camera at the age of thirteen, taking it with me everywhere. I switched between borrowed DSLRs through school and with a lot of saving I eventually bought my own in university.

Being an individual who has a strong appreciation for great design and for things to be looking their absolute best, I combine the two with my passion in working with people and a camera in hand to bring you Fresh & Chips Photo Works.

I primarily focus on photography in Automotive, Fashion, Events and Product, with vast experience in other areas.

I have worked with Superette Store, LACNZ Car Club, Run The Streets, The University of Auckland Faculty of Engineering, IPENZ and University clubs such as AUES, The Food Society (FAS), Engineering Revue and Effective Altruism, and many more private clients. My work has also been featured in The Denizen Magazine, Sneaker Freaker website features, and selected in distinction for feature in VSCO Selects

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- Dalong


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